Mermaid Gothic (マーメイド・ゴシック) was released in 2014 for the PSP.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Before turning into bubbles and disappearing…..

Miletis is a country at the bottom of the ocean where the merfolk live. It was once a beautiful blue, however, it is now as black as a wicked darkness.

Lydia Greene, our protagonist, is a mermaid princess. As a child she committed the crime of saving a human's life and as a result, she was incarcerated in a tower.

The months turned to ten years. Finally, the king of the merfolk, her father, issued an order in exchange for her freedom.

"Kill Basil Adelworth, the prince of the human nation Armelia."

To complete this order in an effort to atone for her crime and be free...

Or to refuse to dirty her hands and resign herself to living the rest of her life within the tower...

Lydia leaves the ocean to steal the life of the one she had previously saved.[1]

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マーメイド・ゴシック Mermaid Gosick

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