Mayonaka Date ~Jinrou Game~ (真夜中デイト ~人狼ゲーム~) was a game planned, but not released due to QuinRose going under.

The game is based on the Werewolf Game.

Plot[edit | edit source]

The forbidden love story between human and wolf…

The Kingdom of Veralux, a kingdom suffering extreme poverty. In this country unscheduled, plunder is performed by the royal family. Each territory of the country is to present representatives to compete to death, so that the winners get to distribute among their territories what they can exploit from the territories of the losers. This event receives the beautiful name of the “Crescent moon festival” contrary to its gruesome nature. The Heroine has been selected as a representative to participate on this “Crescent moon festival,” to find an irreplaceable love, and fight against the cursed impeding doom. On the night of the crescent moon, the curtain opens on this extremely cruel game.

Note: Veralux is a guess as to how to romanize ―ヴェラルクス [1]

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