Black Code (ブラック・コード) was released in 2014 for the PSP. A PSVita release was planned, but QuinRose went under before it could be released. The vita version was going to add an Astaroth route.

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St. Alexia, a small monarchical country where the sea can be seen just beneath one's eyes. The special defence corps, commonly known as the "SS", lead by Jearl Gabriela. The mafia that opposes the SS, known as "Evening Star", lead by Belial de Clan.

This is a story about the conflict and love which unfolds between the two organisations connected by destiny.

Luciel Evlis (the protagonist), due to her peculiar background, is called "Eve, the one who brings about misfortune". Consequently, she has lived her entire life ostracised by everyone around her.

A certain success came to her because of her hard work to improve her standing in life. Namely, it was earning a scholarship to become a scholarship student cadet at Vace. Vace is a military school that doubles as a training facility to enable its students to become SS members. Tuition to Vace is free due to the country providing it grants. On top of not questioning one's bloodline or descent, the student cadets in leadership positions are guaranteed wages.

In order to secure this guarantee, Luciel worked extremely hard and finally earned the position of a leader cadet. Her joy at being able to work alongside Jearl Gabriela- her superior officer whom she greatly admires- is short-lived as a major event occurs, which changes her life.

The leaders of Evening Star call her "Lucifer".

The devils that speak honeyed words, and the seemingly cool-headed angels. Betrayed by those who she thought she could trust, and on the other hand, loved and waited upon by those who are supposed to be her enemies.

Who will Luciel choose? The devils who idolise her, or the angels she idolises?

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ブラック・コード BLACK CODE

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